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A church is not a building or place but rather the People who make it up.  People are what attracts and draws God and Spirit’s attention.  They are not interested in places or things, but you!  This page has been created so that you can meet many of those wonderful people that make up our congregation.  We hope to meet you in person soon . … ..


Rev. Hector Salva–

Reverend Hector Salva has been serving the Spirit and the Spiritual community since 1989.   Founder of Trinity Spiritual Center, Papa Hector,  as he is commonly known, has helped tens of thousands of people spiritually to live a better life.

He is a born natural Unconscious Psychic Medium, having been blessed with the gifts of Manifestation, Prophecy and the ability to  direct The Universal Energy to help people achieve goals, resolve problems and live a better life.   He was trained under the watchful eye of his Grandmother & Great Aunts, vey well known Spiritualist Mediums & Healers, although much of his training was done directly by Spirit. 

He incorporates (trances) a number of Spiritual Guides and Entities, each unique and having various capabilities to help and advise the living on how to lead & live better lives.  Rev. Salva also owns and runs Salva’s Spiritual Supply.


Rev.   Schwartz

Rev.  Schwartz has been serving God and Spirit since the age of 7 and she is our Director here at Trinity Spiritual Center.  She has been serving the Spiritual Community since 1983.

Rev. Schwartz is a Trance Psychic Medium & Spiritual Healer.   She was blessed with the spiritual gifts of clairvoyance,clariscentinence.  Rev Swartz has a special affinity with nature so crystals and flowers are part of her spiritual arsensal which she uses to help people regain their spiritual balance and focus


Rev. Tt

Rev.  Tt is a Trance Psychic Medium, Clairivoyant and Energy Worker.  She is a very gifted Medium and has the ability to discern when someone is going through problems and the causes of those issues.  She also has the ability to communicate closely with the departed often bringing to light insightful, clear and firm messages from the Spiritual world.  

Rev.  Tt teaches classes on Ritual Work to Improve One’s Life, Spiritual Cleansings, Petitioning the Saints and more. 

Rev.  Sandra  M. 

The Reverend Sandra was raised by her grandmother, who had great knowledge of herbs and other natural remedies,she was raised to pay close attention to her dreams and the signs that nature provide,Sandra also has a special connection with animals.Which would explain the reason why she always has had some type of pet around her most of her life.

Sandra is a Psychic Medium blessed with the Spiritual Gifts of Empathy and Clairsentinence.   She is also a Clear Channel for the Spiritual Guides and Entities.

  She is gifted with the ability to lift causes and Spiritual Cleansing one’s Spiritual Body.  A healer and gifted Medium,She also has a strong sense of justice and does not like to see injustice done to others in any shape or form.

She has helped many people receive justice, when they were being treated unfairly.Sandy also has the gift of making just the right spiritual bath and or ritual that can help to heal ones spiritual body.

 Being an entertainer herself she has helped many people in the entertainment community. Sandra also has the gift of bringing a sense of humor to any situation in a tactful manner. She is currently furthering her spiritual eduction in astrology and numerology

Rev. Schwartz

The reverend Roger Swartz’s, spirituality was nurtured from an early age.His mother taught him not to be afraid of the supernatural things he would hear feel and sometimes see. His mother made sure that learned about all types of cultures and religons

Rev. Swartz is the perfect person to consult when facing a difficult situation with another Spirit.
Rev. Swartz is well known for his calming, soothing and peaceful energy which radiates from him naturally .. . . . like a clean quartz crystal! 

 He trances a number of different Spiritual Entities which assist and advise people on a variety of subjects.  Rev.Swartz not only believes in keeping the Spiritual body in shape but the physical body as well. He belives they both should be in shape and constantly be strengthened.  Which is why he became a personal trainer, he currently working becoming and athletic trainer.


 We also have a large congregation of Spiritual People each unique and an honor to be able to work with.   Our church is made up of people who having various Religious and Spiritual Backgrounds, come together to work with the Spirit and the Spiritual world and live better lives.

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