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Spirituality is many things to many people. 

Everyone is different, everyone unique.  Everyone has a personal path to follow. 

Our church respects that!  In fact, that is one of the reasons that we are so unique, well developed and colorful group of people.  At our church, we embrace that every individual in the world is different and may have a different approach or path to follow.  We appreciate input and see the knowledge that is held all over the world and in many of the World’s Traditions, Religions and Practices. 

We come together, in the Spirit of God, Peace, Unity and Healing to serve God and the Spiritual World and be conduits for messages from the Other Side.  Each individual in our group, may have a different way in which they serve God and the Spirit, but what binds us together is the Knowledge and living in accordance with certain Spiritual Principles.  To read our Principles, click hereLLLLL

You will find that our Mediums come from all walks of life, all professions and all types of religious backgrounds.    When we come together, we come together to serve the Spirit and help our fellow brothers and sisters (both incarnate and dis incarnate).  We do not try to push our personal beliefs, views or practices upon others.  As our mediums understand that everyone is different and so is their path. 

We are simply the channels for which messages from the other side can come through for those who need it to help them in some way live a better life.   Whether that message comes from a Spiriual Guide, loved one or other Spiritual Benefactor. 

A mind is a terrible thing to waste

As spiritual people, we know that having a closed mind is one of the worst enemies to spiritual development.  As such, we encourage everyone to really search for Truth and to keep one’s mind open to various ways of Spirituality.  We know that Spiritual Knowledge is held in many places, by many people, though it may be practiced differently according to the culture or time period in which that Knowledge was revealed to the People. 

We can also note the usefulness of certain practices and also where certain practices are out-dated or no longer necessary.  We allow the wisdom of the ancients to shine through in ways that are worthwhile in this day in age.

Therefore, we ask that all people keep an open mind and that they do their own research rather than just going on blind faith, blind belief or on someone else’s words/expierence.

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