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The angel Gabriel is known as the exalted messenger of god ,most of the time when you see images of him sometimes he has a trumpet a scroll in is hand which represent messages or holy orders from god be given to man- kind.

Gabriel (Jibra’il) is believed by Muslims to have been the angel who revealed the Qur’an to the prophet Muhammad. Gabriel is also mentioned in

Bahá’í Faith texts, specifically in Bahá’u’lláh‘s mystical work Seven Valleys.

Many consider him a mediator between heaven and earth. that is why he was chosen to be the patron saint of communication workers in the catholic faith. Women who are trying to have children, will burn candles to Gabriel when they feel they are having hard time conceiving. For it was Gabriel that announced the births of both John the Baptist and Jesus Christ, others ask for his help to interpret dreams. It was this angel that helped Prophet Daniel in the interpretation of his dream-visions. So now sit and think how can this wonderful angel help you in your day to day life. More to come about this beautiful angel later.

Feast day September 29

Patron of Communication workers


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