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The high veneration in which the Irish hold St. Patrick is evidenced by the common salutation, “May God, Mary, and Patrick bless you.” His name occurs widely in prayers and blessings throughout Ireland and it is said that he promises prosperity to those who seek his intercession on his feast day, which marks the end of winter.

We often hear about Saint Patrick running snakes out of Ireland. Well the snakes really are the pagans that were ran out of Ireland.

St. Patrick’s Blessing

As he brought new faith to Ireland

So may he bring out in you

A touch of Irish kindness

in everything you do.

And through the good St. Patrick

May your home and life be blessed

with all the special favors

That make you happiest.

Facts About Saint Patrick’s Day

1.Did you know that even though green is worn on Saint Patrick’s day, green is not the color of luck at all. Actually wearing green is strictly a U.S. custom, as the color green is considered unlucky in Ireland. Green is connected to the old green flag and a time when Ireland was not free.

2.Those cute little leprechauns are not friendly or happy creatures at all. They are tricksters and like to cause mischief.

3.A shamrock is not a four leaf clover, contrary to popular belief. When a four leaf clover is found it is said to represent God’s grace. The good luck attached with the four leaf clover predates Christianity in Ireland back to the ancient Druid priests.’


So think of these things when celebrating Saint Patrick’s day this year

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