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Have you ever noticed when you come out of the ocean, you feel so relaxed and refreshed? Some say the ocean is a like being inside the womb. Some cultures say the ocean this is were all life began. Many cultures around the world visit the ocean for healing and cleansing rituals. Even listening to the ocean can soothe your spirit.

The ocean is one of the greatest gifts that God gave to man kind. Our ocean has so many healing powers and spiritual gifts, all you need to do is take the time to tap in to them.

The ocean is full of mystery as well. It has been reflected in various myths and legends from around the world. There are still places in the ocean that have not been explored by man.

In the centuries of exploration and trade, sailors were regarded as explorers in the dangerous expanses of water, adventuring to discover new riches and lands. People knew little of the sea in those times, and little of the lands that it separated them from each other . The ocean possessed an aura of mystery, adventure and intrigue. It was the great barrier that distanced exotic lands.

If you allow the ocean to help heal you spiritually she will.

Below are few ways the ocean can help you. Always remember to thank ocean for her gifts.

1.Pick up a seashell place to your ear and mediate to the sound.

2.Bring some ocean water home and keep on hand to cleanse your home with.

3.If you have happen to run across some seaweed, dry it out and keep for a spiritual bath.

4.If you having problems sleeping find some, authentic sounds of the ocean and you’ll be asleep sooner than you know it.

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