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Trinity Spiritual Center or chuRch is different than most! 

One of the things that we value most is Unity.  Remember when the Great Master, Jesus,  taught us  . . . . 

“Wherever two or three are gathered there I am”

However, we believe that no one religion is better than another.  All of them have various spiritual knowledge and pieces of the the greater puzzle which is God, who we are and the Universe. 

They are all but different paths to get to the same end, which is a connection or greater connection to God.   Some roads or paths are better suited for certain individuals, and every individual has a path or religious road in which he can call “home”

For many of our members, we are their Spiritual Home.  Many claim that they have rarely or never expierenced the Light, Unity or the strength of the Spiritual Currents of Love, Healing and Peace as they do here.    Many of our members also have their own ways, paths and practices at home to connect with the Divine or God. 

Therefore, our members come from a variety of Spiritual Backgrounds.  That is one of the many things that we enjoy here.  Having so many people, with such a vast and varied array of Real World & Spiritual Knowledge, gathered here together, in unity to serve the Spiritual World, God and our mission to help our fellow man.

We are not a Religion here.  Our church and center is made up of it’s people.  People who agree upon some basic universal principles.  And thus come together to serve the greater Community and Humanity at large. 

See you soon,

Reverend Hector Salva


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