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It is important to take one hour out the day for yourself when you are trying to improve upon your spirituality. We have become a society that has sensory overload. How many times have you found the TV is watching you instead of vice versa?

Sometimes we need to slow down, and shut every gadget we have off. People sometimes wonder why our elders, were so in tune with nature and their spirit guides. Their intuition was very keen. One of the reasons is because they did not have all the gizmos and gadgets that we have today. Many would awake at sunrise and went to bed at sunset or a little later. They also did activities that allowed them to think clearly,

My granny would crotchet to ease her mind and relax. If you caught her at the right time, she would give you some good spiritual knowledge. An aunt of mine would get floods of intuitive information when she would cook, My grandfather would get psychic information while he was washing the car. He would keep pencil and paper. He would say ‘little girl write these numbers down.’ He would then play those numbers later that day or the next evening.

The point is that, as a society & Mediums, we need to slow down and truly become in tune with one’s own spirit and guides. If you can not do an hour at a time, at least try to get in 30 minutes. Your spirit will thank you. The following steps will help you:

1.Turn everything off cell phone, TV etc
2. Find a place that you feel comfortable to sit for awhile
3.Talk to no one and remind other you wish not to be disturbed
4.Maybe light some candles, put some aromatherapy in a diffuser. Set the mood in the room so that you can relax.
5.Turn of any harsh lights

Now say a prayer to God or a positive affirmation and begin your meditation.
Try to find a focal point for your meditation. It could be the candle flame or a glass of water.
Now just relax and enjoy this quiet time just let your mind be free. Allow it to clear itself of all the mental junk that you have been storing.
The more you do this stronger of a connection you will develop with your guides
and your other spiritual talent will develop more as well, You might even tap into abilities that you didn’t know you had.



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