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Sometimes second hand items can mean buying someone else’s spiritual problems. The same thing applies to antiques. Also one must be careful when buying ceremonial artifacts, etc. If you do any of the aforementioned, please take care to spiritually cleanse these items in a way that works for you.

Imagine buying a beautiful antique silver hair brush set or a handsome pocket watch but you have no idea that the previous owner may have had bad habits that could be harmful to you spiritually and on the mundane level as well. This also applies if the previous owners of the objects are not deceased.

This is because most objects can absorb the energy of the previous owners. This is also the reason why some heir-looms are dear to some people. Perfect ideas of the that way of thinking would be Grandma’s pearls or grandpa cuff links. These items are imbued with the Spiritual Energy of those individuals. Thus one may find comfort with having them around. In any case you can cleanse the item to remove any negative energy that could be lingering about.

In the case of ceremonial artifacts do a thorough research of the culture before bringing the object into your home. After cleaning the object if you feel nothing has changed, you should contact a Spiritual worker or Minster as soon as possible

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