Psychic Power of Strong Emotions


The Psychic Power of Anger


I have notice lately that  people have been so much angrier, well with so much going on in the world today it is easy to see why. But we must be careful because anger is a strong emotion that can attract the wrong type of spirits and situations to you. When you start to feel this emotion build up within yourself, take a moment to truly assess the situation. Before you let this emotion take hold of you, you must be aware of the backlashes that it can cause.

We most always be aware that just as there positive spirits around us, that there are also lower level spirits roaming about trying to cause trouble. At times, it is the influence of these Spirits that cause us to explode over something insignificant. At other times, this anger can be triggered by from a lesson that will keep presenting itself until we pass the test. We most also be aware of our thoughts. There is ad old saying that goes: “That which is like unto itself is drawn” .Below are a few helpful tips to help you deal with your anger.

1. Find something to be grateful about
2. Sit back and think: “Is it really worth getting angry about it? “
3. Look for the lesson in the situation.
4. Think of a positive affirmation a repeat it to yourself
5. Analyze: Is it worth ruining the rest of your day?

Our Symbols — Part 1

As you can see in our header, we have two very important Symbols here that represent our center, it’s mission and our foundation here at Trinity Spiritual Center.  Each Symbol has many meanings, and is layered with the many meanings that we would like to convery here at Trinity and the Site.

The first of our Symbols is the Sacred Triangle seen below.  


Psychic, Spiritual & Mediumistic Powers, Development and Abilities Unite us closer to the Divine.


The Sacred Triangle represents many things to us here at Trinity Spiritual Church. 

First and foremost, it represents the Father, Son and Holy Spirit for many of those who see God in that light.

Secondly, it represnts our Union with God and the Divine.  With each point of the triangle signifying a different compnent.  With God at the uppermost point, and ourselves and knowledge at the two lower points.    Understanding, as we grow in knowledge, we create the foundation for getting a better relationship with the Creator.

Thirdly, it represents three important virtues and important steps for Physical, Spiritual, Psychic & Mediumistic Development as well as Spiritual Healing, and those are Faith, Hope and Unity.

Also it represents God, humanity and the Holy Spirit or Divine Spark which unites us to the Creator of all that is.

In the triangle, you can also see that through the union of the mental, spiritual and physical body one achieves Spiritual Growth, Psychic Powers, Mediumistic Development, inner peace, Spiritual Healing, Union with the Divine or connectedness and unity to one’s Divine Spark, Spiritual Guieds and more.

We can see that Knowlege comes to us from three important forms and all three are important for our evolution and further growth and development of our character, our selves, our morality, our Spiritual Body (soul), Psychic abilities, powers, Mediumistic Gifts and abilities and more.  Those sources are emotional, Spiritual and Intellectual.  Through the three, we can achieve many of these things and more.

There are many ways and meanings that we attribute to the sacred triangle.  I will be expanding on this article as time goes on.

God Bless,

Reverend Hector Salva

Our Symbols — Part 2

The second Sacred Symbol you will commonly see here at Trinity is the White Dove. 

Dove of Psychic Messages and Knowledge

The White Dove represents many things to us here, first and foremost reminding us of our connection with the Divine. 

The White Dove symbolizes the Holy Spirit or the Divine Spark that each human being has within him or her.

The White Dove also is the White Dove of Peace.  Reminding us that Peace is the current of the Divine presence.   The White Dove is an almost universal Symbol of Peace, Healing, Hope, Faith, New Beginings,  the Holy Spirit or God’s Presence. 

And that is what we are all about here at Trinity Spiritual Center.  We are about encouraging you to have Faith in God, to feel the Divine Spark within you and connect with it.  For Spiritual Healing of the past and renewing your hope.  Everyone receiving new beginnings, a fresh start and inner Peace.

Hope to see you soon!

Reverend Hector Salva



Our Spiritual Church and Center

Trinity Spiritual Center or chuRch is different than most! 

One of the things that we value most is Unity.  Remember when the Great Master, Jesus,  taught us  . . . . 

“Wherever two or three are gathered there I am”

However, we believe that no one religion is better than another.  All of them have various spiritual knowledge and pieces of the the greater puzzle which is God, who we are and the Universe. 

They are all but different paths to get to the same end, which is a connection or greater connection to God.   Some roads or paths are better suited for certain individuals, and every individual has a path or religious road in which he can call “home”

For many of our members, we are their Spiritual Home.  Many claim that they have rarely or never expierenced the Light, Unity or the strength of the Spiritual Currents of Love, Healing and Peace as they do here.    Many of our members also have their own ways, paths and practices at home to connect with the Divine or God. 

Therefore, our members come from a variety of Spiritual Backgrounds.  That is one of the many things that we enjoy here.  Having so many people, with such a vast and varied array of Real World & Spiritual Knowledge, gathered here together, in unity to serve the Spiritual World, God and our mission to help our fellow man.

We are not a Religion here.  Our church and center is made up of it’s people.  People who agree upon some basic universal principles.  And thus come together to serve the greater Community and Humanity at large. 

See you soon,

Reverend Hector Salva