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The following is the code of conduct for all those who are in attendance of a Spiritual Mass at TRINITY SPIRITUAL CENTER.

1. Arrive on time or a bit early.

We close the doors at exactly 11 am. After we open and start the Mass, we do not accept any further guests or visitors. Thus if you are late and knock or try to enter once the Mass is in session, you will be kindly asked to leave.

Doors officially open to the public at 1030. So you can arrive up to 1/2 an hour early.
2. Wear a white top/shirt/blouse, etc:

We require all those in attendance at the Mass & in the center wear a white top. This has to do with the energy and environment we are creating, a place for the positive Spirits to communicate with us and manifest themselves.

As far as your bottoms are concerned, you can wear jeans, dress pants, skirts or dresses. Anything will be pretty fine.

Just think like this, if you wouldn’t wear it at a Christian Church, please do not wear it to Mass.

If you come to Mass and do not have a white top, we will have tops available to rent. They are $3 to rent and $5 to buy. If you do not want to wear one or are not wearing white, you will be politely asked to leave.
3. Respect the temple.
Simple enough correct. If you would not do it at a regular Christian Church, do not do it at the Spiritual Mass.

This means low voices, no screaming, yelling, smoking or drinking. If you need to say something to someone next to you, then do so in a whisper. This is a Holy and

Sacred area and needs to be treated as such.

This also means that you should not have your cell phone on or be talking on your cell phone during Mass. We suggest that you either turn your cell phone off, or that you put it on silent (not vibrate please). If your cell phone rings during the Mass, you may be asked to leave.

This is a big irritator to the Good Spirits. They are here doing a service by helping us, the Mediums are here doing a service of love for the Community by allowing themselves to be used as Conduits to the Spiritual Realm, and you are here receiving Spiritual Messages — the Mass is only an hour long, thus a Cell Phone ringing is highly disruptive to the Energies that are at work.

4. If you are a medium, or have a spiritual message for someone, or your Spirit guide says something for you to say, share! : ) To do so, simply raise your hand, and you will be called upon to speak.

We are all mediums is a Spiritist belief. Everyone just has different talents or mix of talents, and differing degrees to which that talent is developed. Our Center is a peaceful, safe and positive place which encourages everyone’s personal Spiritual Growth and Development. Therefore if you have a message, we encourage your Mediumship and hope to assist you in your development, thus encouraging you to pass it along.

5. When a Medium is giving you a message, you should occasionally say yes, no or light (which means Yes)

When a Medium is delivering a message to you, it is fine for you to say yes or no, agree or disagree. Remember we are all mediums, and we are all developing and as Mediums which are at the Altar, they are especially working hard at development. Your confirmation (yes or no) lets the medium gage his or her own progress and development, and thus the Medium also benefits from working with you, just as you benefit from his/her ability to communicate the messages of the Spiritual Realm to you.

Light, Peace, or Blessings are all common terms we say at Trinity Spiritual  to affirm a Spirit’s message. In this way, we are asking God to confer a blessing upon both the Medium and the Spirit who is communicating the message.

6. If you are coming to the Mass, plan to stay until the end.

We as Mediums cannot control what messages will come through, if any, for you or anyone else. We can only pass on the Messages that we are given. However, we have been blessed here at TRINITY Spiritual Center that with many talented Mediums. Thus most people that attend a Mass will receive at least 1 message, sometimes multiple messages.

However, if you were to leave during the Mass, then you would shorten the possible chance for you to get the message. You would also disrupt the Mass, which means you would leave less time for others to get their messages.

So therefore, we ask that you only attend the Spiritual Mass if you are sure that you will be able to be here the whole time. Mass is about 1 hour, sometimes a bit longer (1 hour and 15 minutes). Personally, I don’t think that is very long or much of one’s time. So to preserve the time for the Spiritual Work and Messages, and to not disturb the energies during the Mass, we ask that you only attend when you are sure that you can be here for the entire time.
7. Feel free to enjoy the peace, strength and serenity you will find during the Mass!


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