It is important to take one hour out the day for yourself when you are trying to improve upon your spirituality. We have become a society that has sensory overload. How many times have you found the TV is watching you instead of vice versa?

Sometimes we need to slow down, and shut every gadget we have off. People sometimes wonder why our elders, were so in tune with nature and their spirit guides. Their intuition was very keen. One of the reasons is because they did not have all the gizmos and gadgets that we have today. Many would awake at sunrise and went to bed at sunset or a little later. They also did activities that allowed them to think clearly,

My granny would crotchet to ease her mind and relax. If you caught her at the right time, she would give you some good spiritual knowledge. An aunt of mine would get floods of intuitive information when she would cook, My grandfather would get psychic information while he was washing the car. He would keep pencil and paper. He would say ‘little girl write these numbers down.’ He would then play those numbers later that day or the next evening.

The point is that, as a society & Mediums, we need to slow down and truly become in tune with one’s own spirit and guides. If you can not do an hour at a time, at least try to get in 30 minutes. Your spirit will thank you. The following steps will help you:

1.Turn everything off cell phone, TV etc
2. Find a place that you feel comfortable to sit for awhile
3.Talk to no one and remind other you wish not to be disturbed
4.Maybe light some candles, put some aromatherapy in a diffuser. Set the mood in the room so that you can relax.
5.Turn of any harsh lights

Now say a prayer to God or a positive affirmation and begin your meditation.
Try to find a focal point for your meditation. It could be the candle flame or a glass of water.
Now just relax and enjoy this quiet time just let your mind be free. Allow it to clear itself of all the mental junk that you have been storing.
The more you do this stronger of a connection you will develop with your guides
and your other spiritual talent will develop more as well, You might even tap into abilities that you didn’t know you had.



Psychic Power of Strong Emotions


The Psychic Power of Anger


I have notice lately that  people have been so much angrier, well with so much going on in the world today it is easy to see why. But we must be careful because anger is a strong emotion that can attract the wrong type of spirits and situations to you. When you start to feel this emotion build up within yourself, take a moment to truly assess the situation. Before you let this emotion take hold of you, you must be aware of the backlashes that it can cause.

We most always be aware that just as there positive spirits around us, that there are also lower level spirits roaming about trying to cause trouble. At times, it is the influence of these Spirits that cause us to explode over something insignificant. At other times, this anger can be triggered by from a lesson that will keep presenting itself until we pass the test. We most also be aware of our thoughts. There is ad old saying that goes: “That which is like unto itself is drawn” .Below are a few helpful tips to help you deal with your anger.

1. Find something to be grateful about
2. Sit back and think: “Is it really worth getting angry about it? “
3. Look for the lesson in the situation.
4. Think of a positive affirmation a repeat it to yourself
5. Analyze: Is it worth ruining the rest of your day?



Sometimes second hand items can mean buying someone else’s spiritual problems. The same thing applies to antiques. Also one must be careful when buying ceremonial artifacts, etc. If you do any of the aforementioned, please take care to spiritually cleanse these items in a way that works for you.

Imagine buying a beautiful antique silver hair brush set or a handsome pocket watch but you have no idea that the previous owner may have had bad habits that could be harmful to you spiritually and on the mundane level as well. This also applies if the previous owners of the objects are not deceased.

This is because most objects can absorb the energy of the previous owners. This is also the reason why some heir-looms are dear to some people. Perfect ideas of the that way of thinking would be Grandma’s pearls or grandpa cuff links. These items are imbued with the Spiritual Energy of those individuals. Thus one may find comfort with having them around. In any case you can cleanse the item to remove any negative energy that could be lingering about.

In the case of ceremonial artifacts do a thorough research of the culture before bringing the object into your home. After cleaning the object if you feel nothing has changed, you should contact a Spiritual worker or Minster as soon as possible

Our Symbols — Part 1

As you can see in our header, we have two very important Symbols here that represent our center, it’s mission and our foundation here at Trinity Spiritual Center.  Each Symbol has many meanings, and is layered with the many meanings that we would like to convery here at Trinity and the Site.

The first of our Symbols is the Sacred Triangle seen below.  


Psychic, Spiritual & Mediumistic Powers, Development and Abilities Unite us closer to the Divine.


The Sacred Triangle represents many things to us here at Trinity Spiritual Church. 

First and foremost, it represents the Father, Son and Holy Spirit for many of those who see God in that light.

Secondly, it represnts our Union with God and the Divine.  With each point of the triangle signifying a different compnent.  With God at the uppermost point, and ourselves and knowledge at the two lower points.    Understanding, as we grow in knowledge, we create the foundation for getting a better relationship with the Creator.

Thirdly, it represents three important virtues and important steps for Physical, Spiritual, Psychic & Mediumistic Development as well as Spiritual Healing, and those are Faith, Hope and Unity.

Also it represents God, humanity and the Holy Spirit or Divine Spark which unites us to the Creator of all that is.

In the triangle, you can also see that through the union of the mental, spiritual and physical body one achieves Spiritual Growth, Psychic Powers, Mediumistic Development, inner peace, Spiritual Healing, Union with the Divine or connectedness and unity to one’s Divine Spark, Spiritual Guieds and more.

We can see that Knowlege comes to us from three important forms and all three are important for our evolution and further growth and development of our character, our selves, our morality, our Spiritual Body (soul), Psychic abilities, powers, Mediumistic Gifts and abilities and more.  Those sources are emotional, Spiritual and Intellectual.  Through the three, we can achieve many of these things and more.

There are many ways and meanings that we attribute to the sacred triangle.  I will be expanding on this article as time goes on.

God Bless,

Reverend Hector Salva

Our Symbols — Part 2

The second Sacred Symbol you will commonly see here at Trinity is the White Dove. 

Dove of Psychic Messages and Knowledge

The White Dove represents many things to us here, first and foremost reminding us of our connection with the Divine. 

The White Dove symbolizes the Holy Spirit or the Divine Spark that each human being has within him or her.

The White Dove also is the White Dove of Peace.  Reminding us that Peace is the current of the Divine presence.   The White Dove is an almost universal Symbol of Peace, Healing, Hope, Faith, New Beginings,  the Holy Spirit or God’s Presence. 

And that is what we are all about here at Trinity Spiritual Center.  We are about encouraging you to have Faith in God, to feel the Divine Spark within you and connect with it.  For Spiritual Healing of the past and renewing your hope.  Everyone receiving new beginnings, a fresh start and inner Peace.

Hope to see you soon!

Reverend Hector Salva



Our Spiritual Church and Center

Trinity Spiritual Center or chuRch is different than most! 

One of the things that we value most is Unity.  Remember when the Great Master, Jesus,  taught us  . . . . 

“Wherever two or three are gathered there I am”

However, we believe that no one religion is better than another.  All of them have various spiritual knowledge and pieces of the the greater puzzle which is God, who we are and the Universe. 

They are all but different paths to get to the same end, which is a connection or greater connection to God.   Some roads or paths are better suited for certain individuals, and every individual has a path or religious road in which he can call “home”

For many of our members, we are their Spiritual Home.  Many claim that they have rarely or never expierenced the Light, Unity or the strength of the Spiritual Currents of Love, Healing and Peace as they do here.    Many of our members also have their own ways, paths and practices at home to connect with the Divine or God. 

Therefore, our members come from a variety of Spiritual Backgrounds.  That is one of the many things that we enjoy here.  Having so many people, with such a vast and varied array of Real World & Spiritual Knowledge, gathered here together, in unity to serve the Spiritual World, God and our mission to help our fellow man.

We are not a Religion here.  Our church and center is made up of it’s people.  People who agree upon some basic universal principles.  And thus come together to serve the greater Community and Humanity at large. 

See you soon,

Reverend Hector Salva







There is and old saying that goes something like this:

“What goes around comes around”

another popular one is:

“What you put out comes back to you.”

Well its a shame in this day and time it seems like many people have forgotten this important universal rule.
Some people call this energy karma. The important thing to remember is that we all are connected in some way. That stranger that asked you for directions, did you blow him or her off? Did you help the blind woman across the street? Did you at least ask if they needed help?

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to help a stranger. Always remember that you can easily be in their place in the blink of an eye and that you have loved ones too.

Here are a few ways to get that positive energy flowing while helping others.

1. Place quarter is someone else’s parking meter you see about to expire. “We all hate paying tickets”

2. Instead of selling all your old clothing, donate some of them to a shelter.

3.Say something kind or complementary to the person who is serving you or waiting on you in a store or restaurant.

4.Call you parents or siblings and tell them how much you love and appreciate them.

5. Forgive someone and be open to be forgiven.

6.Drop by a nursing home and sit and talk with an elderly person who does not have a visitor.

7.Buy a homeless person a meal.




Lately the spirit of depression has been running rampant and trying to take over peoples’ lives .But this spirit really gets busy around the holidays, There is an old saying that goes “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

This is another reason why it is important to, develop a strong relationship with your spirit guides. So they can help to protect you against this horrible spirit. If you feel after awhile that you can not shake it . See your doctor and spiritual counselor or minister right away.

I cannot wait for the day when society, as whole realizes that the physical ,mental and spiritual bodies all coincide with one another. If one these senses is off it can throw the other senses or bodies out of balance too. Below are a few ways to help prevent this spirit from invading your life.

1. Keep the sun shining in your home if you can.

2. Avoid wearing black from head toe, Try wearing uplifting colors or the color of one of your spiritual guides

3.Keep flowers in your home especially carnations and sun-flowers.
“White carnations have a healing energy to them, and sun-flowers harnesses the power of the sun.

4.Put on some uplifting music and either get up and dance or just sit back and listen.

5.Open all the windows and doors to your home if you can and let the fresh air come in and cleanse your home.

6.Sit down and have talk with your spirit guides. Especially if you think it was brought on by something spiritual, in any case they can assist you.

7. Give yourself a spiritual cleaning, We wash our physical body on daily basis to remove dirt. Yet we sometimes neglect our spiritual body which collects dirt as well.

8. Light a yellow, pink or white candle We all know the benefits of color therapy and if its scented even better. The right scent can uplift your mood and spirit quickly. You also have the element of fire which great spiritual cleaning agent as well.

9.Making sure you get enough rest is another way to keep the spirit of depression at bay.

10.A great essential oil to keep around is tangerine oil. This oil is has a very uplifting scent and will help to put you in a better mood