Spiritual and Psychic Observations– We are all One

Psychic and Spiritual Observations

We are all One— aka Interconnected

Bees are amazing, they each have a job that keeps the hive flowing in a smooth manner. This does not just benefit the hive, but all those who benefit from the bees, their honey, and their work.  It is amazing how God put such a small creature in charge of making sure that we have food to eat.

Which brings me to the following point: There may be days that you might feel like the small things you do not count.  That you and your existence in the world is insignificant.  However, we are all interconnected in the world.   Even the act of dropping a dime and not picking up could help another person.  The simple act of picking up the phone and calling someone can move a person from doing dangerous things to beneficial ones.

These small acts can make such a big difference in someone else’s life. Sometimes we feel that we have to do something on a large scale to change something or to make a difference. When, often, its the smallest of acts that can make a huge difference. So keep this in mind the next time you see a bee pollinating a flower. Its a small act but it makes a big impact on us all.

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  1. This reminds me of an epeerixnce I had with bees in walls! I grew up in the Central Florida area. I remember when I was a little girl waking up to a pool of honey that had seeped from an old blocked off fireplace in my bedroom. I grew up in an old home that had the chimneys blocked off for many years and a beehive had developed inside one of the chimneys. So after a hard summer rain, the honey starting flowing. It was a pretty wild epeerixnce!

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