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The Psychic Power of Anger


I have notice lately that  people have been so much angrier, well with so much going on in the world today it is easy to see why. But we must be careful because anger is a strong emotion that can attract the wrong type of spirits and situations to you. When you start to feel this emotion build up within yourself, take a moment to truly assess the situation. Before you let this emotion take hold of you, you must be aware of the backlashes that it can cause.

We most always be aware that just as there positive spirits around us, that there are also lower level spirits roaming about trying to cause trouble. At times, it is the influence of these Spirits that cause us to explode over something insignificant. At other times, this anger can be triggered by from a lesson that will keep presenting itself until we pass the test. We most also be aware of our thoughts. There is ad old saying that goes: “That which is like unto itself is drawn” .Below are a few helpful tips to help you deal with your anger.

1. Find something to be grateful about
2. Sit back and think: “Is it really worth getting angry about it? “
3. Look for the lesson in the situation.
4. Think of a positive affirmation a repeat it to yourself
5. Analyze: Is it worth ruining the rest of your day?

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