Our Symbols — Part 2

The second Sacred Symbol you will commonly see here at Trinity is the White Dove. 

Dove of Psychic Messages and Knowledge

The White Dove represents many things to us here, first and foremost reminding us of our connection with the Divine. 

The White Dove symbolizes the Holy Spirit or the Divine Spark that each human being has within him or her.

The White Dove also is the White Dove of Peace.  Reminding us that Peace is the current of the Divine presence.   The White Dove is an almost universal Symbol of Peace, Healing, Hope, Faith, New Beginings,  the Holy Spirit or God’s Presence. 

And that is what we are all about here at Trinity Spiritual Center.  We are about encouraging you to have Faith in God, to feel the Divine Spark within you and connect with it.  For Spiritual Healing of the past and renewing your hope.  Everyone receiving new beginnings, a fresh start and inner Peace.

Hope to see you soon!

Reverend Hector Salva



1 thought on “Our Symbols — Part 2

  1. One of my first anakewd abilities was automatic writing a few years ago. It is still my strongest and favorite. Thank you for the straight forward presentation of the information. It is very grounded information that anyone, even those not walking the conscous awakened path can use and connect with. Great info!

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